Labs. Our internal innovation culture.

We foster a culture of innovation with Cedita Labs, encouraging our employees to hone their skills by experimenting with creative and new projects.

Cedita has a firm belief that the best learning and products come from passion, and that passion to create is nurtured within the entire business.

Encouraging Teamwork

If you didn't already know, we're an all-remote business. Our engineering teams are encouraged to hack together, whether virtually or in-person to build their relationships and hone their skills through creativity or knowledge sharing.

Labs takes this a step further, by introducing other teams, from design to product managers, through to UX, to help build new products and features that not only focus on technical ability, but usability and consideration.

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Featured Labs Projects

We celebrate every success, so here's a few of our highlight projects that are currently in use in the wider Cedita team, all created by employees in our distributed teams, and all fostered by Cedita.

Flowr Service Discovery and Management / C#, F#, Bash

Operating within a geo-redundant, highly available and varying deployment remit, Flowr helps Cedita to automatically ensure that individual components of each solution are wired up correctly at all times.

In addition, Flowr is responsible for part of the streamlined deployment / CI of individual services, and the monitoring of all service (Leaf) health.

This Labs project is being trialled internally on the rollout of new Cedita services and will be used with Corporate Services clients in the future.

Chic Thin data management layer atop Dapper / C#

The original open source Cedita Labs project, Chic is an intuitive and performant Data Layer that sits on top of Dapper.

Chic internally maps tables by walking properties, building up a representation map using Expressions, and then uses these throughout both the repository and bulk insertion functionality.

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Disaster Control Backup, Failover and Recovery Automation / C#, F#

A minimal BCDR solution for SaaS products, with workers for both Linux and Windows to ship backups to Azure and Cedita's backup infrastructure.

Disaster Control automatically manages storage utilisation with controlled backup retention, handles the redeployment of artefacts to failover servers, and is capable when using multiple workers (in the same configuration) to detect failure of service provision, and switch DNS automatically.

This Labs project is available to Corporate Services customers with infrastructure and deployment management.

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