Careers with Cedita.

A Career with Cedita is an opportunity to be part of the future in software.

We're a passionate group of international businesses, focusing on tech for good, and our core mission - augmenting people's lives. Working with us is not right for everyone, what we do is hard work with massive rewards.

Working at Cedita

Who we need

We work differently from a lot of tech companies, in that we work for good and focus on building software that actually changes lives. That takes a special type of person.

  • Have a true passion for doing good
  • Be able to adapt to a less-pressured, comfortable work environment
  • Be self-motivated and organised
  • Willingness to learn and grow
  • Understand, work towards, and be fully invested in our goals
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Be part of something great

We work hard to do things differently and make a real difference to people's lives.

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30 Days Leave

You get a minimum of 30 days annual leave for rest and travel, regardless of your location.

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Experience Remote Work that works

We're an all-remote group of businesses. Be prepared for absolute flexibility in your life.

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Private Healthcare

Nobody should have to stress about their health. We will globally insure you, privately.

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We don't seem to be hiring for what you're looking for at the moment. You can always check back later, our roles change all the time.

Benefits we offer

Not only do you get to work with a company that's focusing on doing good, be completely flexible with your working, and team up with an amazing set of people. You also get these unparalleled benefits.

Note that actual benefits (such as $ to €) given will vary per region due to local requirements, restrictions, or providers.

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